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Supplying Bibles to Nigeria

IBG receives many requests from people in Nigeria who can barely afford to feed their families much less buy a Bible. IBG is sending couriers with Bibles to Nigeria in July, August and September. Will you help fill their luggage with Bibles to deliver into the hands of those who desperately desire the Word of God?

1 Bible $7, 10 Bibles $60, 50 Bibles $275 Give the gift that leads to eternal life today.

IBG is an all-volunteer ministry, so 94% of donated funds go directly to the purchase and delivery of Bibles. In an effort to fulfill the Great Commission-IBG (International Bible Givers, Inc) gives Bibles Free to the needy, the lost and those who need hope. You too can fulfill the Great Commission by providing Bibles to those in need. HELP SPREAD THE WORD.

Give Bibles to Nigeria

Honoring Governance

Lord Action, that insightful English historian once quipped, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely!” It is election year in the United States, and while we do not enter the fray of political commentary, it is an excellent time as Christians to review God’s teaching relative to honoring governance and seeking excellent qualities in those who seek to be leaders. Read More

Online Bible Resources

Are you able to use a digital copy of God’s Word?

International Bible Givers is assembling a list of free online Bible resources. IBG provides physical Bibles to couriers, who in turn distribute God’s Word around the world, but sometimes a physical Bible is not always necessary or practical.

We do not own or control any of these sites and as such, do not endorse these sites. We do however believe that the right online Bible resource can provide a lot of value and convenience.

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