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From the Chairman

IBG Chairman Chuck Hayes

Stories from Nigeria

Dear Bible Giver,

Welcome to fall! The leaves are changing and we are looking to 4 more months of Bible giving before the close of the year. This month, we have a special focus on Nigeria. IBG gives Bibles where there is need anywhere in the world, but we have 3 key strategic international Bible Giving focuses – Pakistan, Haiti and Nigeria. We have completed special projects earlier this summer to both Haiti and Pakistan, and we are now going to focus in September on a special ask for Nigeria. We desire to raise $4,800 over-and-above regular giving, to provide a mix of 1200 full Study and regular Bibles for Nigeria.

IBG has multiple couriers bringing Bibles to Nigeria so we are going to share 2 stories from couriers to Nigeria. We will start with “Bishop” Timothy Johnson, who will soon make his 36th trip to Africa in October. He couriers Bibles to Nigeria and many other African countries and hopes to take 100 pounds of God’s Word with him – about 3 cases of Study Bibles for Pastors.

Stories from Nigeria: “Bishop Timothy”

The work of Minnesota Church Ministries Association continues to go forward in countries all across Africa... Liberia, Ghana, Togo, Benin Republic, Nigeria, Cameroon, Kenya and Tanzania. We are now anticipating our 36th trip to Africa to do leadership training and literature distribution.

The work has involved developing training networks in many cities across these countries. Our goal is to see to it that monthly training sessions are held, led by Africans, to provide continuing education and resources for pastors and church leaders. Dozens of such groups have been established across the continent. It is our goal to encourage indigenous training and networking that goes on all year round even when Americans are not present.

An important part of our work there has been the provision of Study Bibles by IBG to be distributed to pastors to enhance their study and presentation of the Scriptures in their ministries. Each time we venture out in one of our missions, we have a supply of 3 dozen or more Bibles to be shared with the Pastors. Testimonies on the field are always encouraging. These volumes are something the average pastor cannot afford to purchase but they are astounded by the richness of the commentary and helps they find in those Bibles.

We are grateful for the partnership of IBG to facilitate this important indigenous training network that continues to grow across Africa.

"Bishop" Timothy A. Johnson, Minnesota Church Ministries Assn.

Stories from Nigeria: Melanie Schwartz, IBG Bible Sunday Coordinator

On 2 occasions I have had the privilege to courier Bibles to Nigeria to distribute to children during Vacation Bible Camp. The children range in age from 7-18 years. The first year we took 300 Bibles to the children. The children were absolutely delighted! Two years ago IBG donated 100 Bibles for the teenagers that attend camp. The teens used the Bibles every day to study His Word. It was wonderful to see them gather in groups to read and discuss the Bible. Last year at the end of the week I had a Nigerian adult approach me and ask for a Bible. I was so pleased to find we had an extra Bible to give to her. It's a blessing to see how God is at work around the world. Your prayers and financial gifts are truly making a difference.

Melanie Schwartz